You are meant to move.  As the vehicle and expression for what you want to do and be, your body is also meant to move well — with ease, grace and strength.

Whether your goal is to lose fat and/or gain muscle, improve in your movement practice or sport, or engage in your life and your world with a broader array of physical and emotional resources— movement quality, coupled with strength will get you there powerfully and effectively.

I believe training the body should be viewed in the context of training for your life — your life adventure.  Any adventure requires challenge at some level and the action needed to meet that challenge will require your physical body.  Even if all that you ask your body to do is sit and type out an email, how physically robust you happen to be and are feeling while doing so, will have an impact: did you get sleep the night before? did you eat in ways that keep your metabolism humming along and help maintain focus, or that put your blood sugar in the tank? Do you have the core strength to maintain good positioning of your spine so that you can continue to feed oxygen and energy to your brain? These are just some of the components that will factor into the quality of that email and, if it’s a particularly challenging one, whether it even gets written. 

Integral Strength is about bringing more strength into your life -- integrating ideas, tools and methods from Strength Training, Athletic Performance, Nutrition, and Psychology, in ways that are optimized for you. You will begin to look and feel like a hero, because you move and train like one.  Movement, nutrition and support, will be brought together and tailored so they have the greatest impact for getting you what you want… allowing your inner hero to flourish, and engaging more fully in your life adventure.